Kids Ages 7-12



Explorer Academy: The nebula Secret
Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret By Trudi Trueit
Adventure and danger await Cruz Coronado when he joins a school for explorers. Cruz and 23 talented kids train to become the next generation of great explorers. But, when Cruz arrives, he discovers his family’s mysterious link to Explorer Academy. $16.99 Ages 8-12
Explorer Academy: The Falcon's Feather
Explorer Academy: The Falcon’s Feather By Trudi Trueit
In the follow-up to The Nebula Secret, Cruz Coronado sets sail for Iceland. But, things go awry while exploring the north when he uncovers the first piece of an important puzzle his mother left behind. $16.99 Ages 8-12
The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise
The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise By Dan Gemeinhart
Five years. That’s how long Coyote and her dad, Rodeo, have lived on the road in an old school bus, criss-crossing the nation. It’s also how long ago Coyote lost her mom and her two sisters in a car crash. When she learns that the park in her old neighborhood is being demolished—the very same park where she, her mom, and her sisters buried a treasured memory box—she devises an elaborate plan to get her dad to drive 3,600 miles back to Washington state in four days... without him realizing it. $16.99 Ages 9-12
Pie In the Sky
Pie in the Sky By Remy Lai
A poignant, laugh-out-loud illustrated middle-grade novel about an eleven-year-old boy’s immigration experience, his annoying little brother, and their cake-baking hijinks! $12.99 Ages 8-11
The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions
The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions By Tracey Hecht
Animals are disappearing without a trace—and it’s up to Dawn, Tobin and Bismark to find out why. With the help of a gentle wombat, a jittery jerboa, a band of coyotes and some kooky bats, the brigade journeys to the depths of the earth where they find themselves in a wacky, high stakes game that will determine all of their survival. $8.99 Ages 7-12
The Nocturnals: The Fallen Star
The Nocturnals: The Fallen Star By Tracey Hecht
A meteor has landed and all the forest’s pomelo fruits have been mysteriously poisoned. Tobin and Bismark set out to investigate, animals begin to fall ill and they encounter Iris, a strange aye-aye, who claims monsters from the moon are to blame. The Nocturnal Brigade suspects a more earthly explanation and must find answers, and the cure, before the poison threatens to harm them all. $8.99 Ages 7-12
The Alcatraz Escape
The Alcatraz Escape By Jennifer Chambliss Bertman
Sleuthing duo Emily and James tackle their most challenging mystery yet set on the haunting Alcatraz Island in Book 3 of the New York Times-bestselling, middle-grade Book Scavenger series. $7.99 Ages 9-14
The Startup Squad
The Startup Squad By Brian Weisfeld and Nicole C. Kear
Girls mean business in this middle grade series about friendship and entrepreneurship! All great leaders had to start somewhere. And Resa is starting with the lemonade stand competition her teacher assigned. $7.99 Ages 8-11