Great Fiction



The Great Believers
The Great Believers By Rebecca Makkai
A dazzling novel of friendship and redemption in the face of tragedy and loss set in 1980s Chicago and contemporary Paris. Winner of the Andrew Carnegie Medal and Stonewall Book Award and shortlisted for the National Book Award.$16
Some Choose Darkness
Some Choose Darkness By Charlie Donlea
USA Today and IndieBound bestselling author Donlea’s haunting novel alternates between a series of murders in 1979 and their present-day investigation by a forensic reconstructionist who moonlights in antique doll restoration and exhibits mannerisms that put her on the autism spectrum. $26
Summer Hours
Summer Hours By Amy Mason Doan
Commencement meets The Graduate in this novel about a secret affair, the summer it unravels, and the reunion a decade later. Older and wiser, feeling the thrilling push and pull of memories with each mile up the scenic California coast, Becc must decide if those dazzling hours they once shared are worth fighting for or if they’re lost forever. $16.99
Motherhood by Sheila Heti
In her late thirties, when her friends are asking when they will become mothers, the narrator of this intimate and urgent novel considers whether she will do so at all. Motherhood is a courageous, keenly felt, and starkly original novel. $18
Whatever it Takes
Whatever It Takes by Jessica Pack
What does it mean to be a good parent? What role does the past play in who we are? A young woman facing a cancer diagnosis begins asking questions about the terminal illness that killed her mother… questions that reveal unsettling inconsistencies and voids in the stories she’s been told. $15.95
The Bride Test
The Bride Test by Helen Hoang
From the critically acclaimed author of The Kiss Quotient comes a romantic novel about love that crosses international borders and all boundaries of the heart. $15
The Favorite Daughter
The Favorite Daughter By Kaira Rouda
Jane Harris lives in an oceanfront gated community in Orange County, a place that seems too beautiful to be touched by sadness. But exactly one year ago, her oldest daughter died in a tragic accident and Jane has been grief-stricken ever since, unable to function. When Jane finally reemerges into the world, no one is the same and even Mary’s final days reveal someone far more complex than the good girl she remembers. $26.99
Ask Again, Yes
Ask Again, Yes By Mary Beth Keane
A profoundly moving novel about two neighboring families in a suburban town, the friendship between their children, a tragedy that reverberates over four decades, and the power of forgiveness. $27
Clover Blue
Clover Blue By Eldonna Edwards
Set against the backdrop of a commune in 1970s Northern California, Clover Blue is a compelling, beautifully written story of a young boy’s search for identity and the universal desire to know where we belong. $26
Severance by Ling Ma
Maybe it’s the end of the world, but not for Candace Chen, a millennial, first-generation American and office worker meandering her way into adulthood. When a plague of biblical proportions sweeps New York, everyone flees, except Chen who is committed to her routine. An offbeat, wryly funny, apocalyptic satire. $17
Summer of Sunshine and Margot
The Summer of Sunshine and Margot By Susan Mallery
Master storyteller Susan Mallery weaves threads of family drama, humor, romance and a wish-you-were-there setting into one of the most satisfying books of the year! $26.99

Fiction Thrillers

The Middleman
The Middleman By Olen Steinhauer
In this thriller for our tumultuous times, the New York Times bestselling author of ten novels delivers a compelling portrait of a nation on the edge of revolution. One day in the early summer of 2017, about four hundred people vanish. They leave behind cell phones, credit cards, jobs, houses, families—everything—all on the same day. Where have they gone? Why? Enter Special Agent Rachel Proulx. What she uncovers about the Massive Brigade will shock the entire nation. $18