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Thursday, October 20, 2022 - 6:00pm



As much as you may be so over screens, and zooms, we are still hosting Educator Nights this year. And y'know what? They'll be fun.

About this event

Lovely, amazing, creative, weary Educators!

We salute you. It's not over, but you are still managing to ... well, to manage. To educate. To navigate the craziness presented to you each day, with humor and flexibility (and probably occasional cries of anguish.) 

Crazy two and a half years - so much is different. And yet, some things - comfy familiar things - will still be here, same as always. As much as you may be so over screens, and zooms, we are still hosting Educator Nights on Zoom this year. And y'know what? They'll be fun.

First of all, you can be in the comfort of your home - hot chocolate at your side, or a glass of wine or sparkling water. You can wear fuzzy slippers or pajamas or a silly hat- whatever appeals to you!

We will keep the presentation efficient and wrap it in a timely fashion - no listening to me droning on and on ...

We hope to have some surprise guests joining us to talk about some new books that we really like.

It should be fun, and funny, and informative.

"But wait!" you're probably asking. "What about all that fun stuff we usually get? How will we get books if we want to shop?"

Ah, we have a solution!

We will open the store for educators only on 10/24 from 7-9 pm.

We will have all the books we present, and you'll be able to purchase any of them with an extended discount - PLUS you'll be able to shop, store wide, using your Educator discount! So anything you're hankerin' for, you can get at a discount.

Plus we'll have stacks of advance reader copies for you to grab, and any other swag we can get our hands on. And, I hope, wine and appetizers.

Oh! And chocolate. I swear we'll have chocolate.

If your school lets you shop using a purchase order, send it to us ahead of time so you can purchase like mad!

Please note: if you'd prefer to shop off the list and do curbside pick-up, we can definitely accommodate you. Just let me know.

Easy-to-follow Instructions: :)))

> Add a ticket to cart here on EventBrite. It's free and just lets us gather you emails so we can send you the Zoom link.

> We will send you the Zoom link prior to the Ed Night.

>Just before out presentation starts, we'll send out a book list for you to use to follow along.

Different? A little bit...

Fun? Yes, still. Of course!

Questions? Just email.

Bear with us. Like like last year, we're STILL building the plane while we're flying. We're just getting a little more confident. :)

[also, we'll be looking at your backgrounds, checking for innovative or cool themes or things that tickle us - and one or two of you will win a Copperfield's gift card!]


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