God's Covenants: The Mystery and Marrow of the Bible Volume 3 (Hardcover)

God's Covenants: The Mystery and Marrow of the Bible Volume 3 By Francis Roberts, Joseph Weissman (Editor) Cover Image
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With a preface from Dr. Todd Ruddell of Whitefield Theological Seminary, these new volumes brought to print enable the Reformed world to access Francis Roberts' work afresh - newly typeset for the first time in over 380 years, and edited only for readability. Original Hebrew, Greek and Latin phrases have been preserved. These volumes are set to be 6"x9" with a digital cloth cover, complete with a dust jacket.

Francis Roberts produced the most vast Reformed work ever brought to print on covenant theology. Quoting copiously from Calvin, Perkins, Augustine, and others, as well as regularly citing Scripture, Roberts' volumes contain several thousand footnotes, which have been carefully and diligently placed into these volumes also.
Roberts divides the Covenant of Grace into two main phases: the Old Covenant being the Covenants of Promise, citing Ephesians 2:12, and the New Covenant being the Covenant of Performance, citing Luke 1:72. The Covenants of Promise are, in turn, sub-distinguished into six covenant "expressures" firstly with Adam after the fall, secondly with Noah, thirdly with Abraham, fourthly with Moses, fifthly with David, and sixthly with the exiles in Babylon. In all these covenants, Christ was set forth in a promissory manner, and salvation was through faith in Christ alone.
Roberts deals with controversies such as whether the Mosaic Covenant was properly a Covenant of Works, whether the Noahic Covenant was merely a universal covenant with mankind, justification by faith as the condition of God's Covenant, Christ as the formal party with whom God covenants (the church being covenanted as Christ's body and seed), and also the nature of the Covenant of Works in Scripture - as well as dealing in depth with the Mosaic judicial, moral and ceremonial law, and how the law is and isn't applicable for us today.
Here is an overview of each volume within this set - the first three volumes of which are available now.
Volume 1: Covenant Theology in General; the Covenant of Works; the Covenant of Grace as Expressed unto Adam; the Covenant of Grace as Expressed unto Noah.Volume 2: The Covenant of Grace as Expressed unto Abraham.Volume 3: The Covenant of Grace as Expressed unto Moses.Volume 4: The Covenant of Grace as Expressed unto David; the Covenant of Grace as Expressed unto the exiles in Babylon.Volumes 5 & 6: The Covenant of Grace in its Performance by Jesus Christ, that is: the New Covenant.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798989323845
Publisher: Berith Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2023
Pages: 592
Language: English


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