The Temple of Consciousness: Welcome to the New Fundamental Life and the Evolutionary Way (Paperback)

The Temple of Consciousness: Welcome to the New Fundamental Life and the Evolutionary Way By Noah Agrotes Cover Image
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Hey reader, I promise you an exciting and alien beauty on your journey with this book. For your lifetime value... a maximum book at the minimum price. Yours, Noah.

Dear discerning reader,

Our civilisation is on the brink of collapse. Unless huge structural changes occur on our planet, we may only have 30 years left before our species disappears forever.

We have been pushed to this ledge because those with global power and wealth have made our planet inhospitable and unsustainable to life. They have made the majority of human beings expendable, merely pawns in their game of wealth. They are sucking the planet's vital life's sources dry. However, from the pages of this book, a new hope emerges.

If you see the fallacy of the path that our species is on, then you have the chance to be part of this hope and find a new way. In this extraordinary, shocking, and unique book, you will discover how to escape your fate on Earth for the first time in the history of Homo sapiens.

This book contains a new message for humanity-if we are to avoid destroying our species. It shines a light on a different way forward: the new fundamental life and the evolutionary way.

The race for evolution has begun-are you ready to evolve?

Noah Agrotes

Warning: The evolutionary way is not open to those with a closed mind.

Reader reviews:

"A new way forward for humanity"

"Unlike any book I've ever read before-simply mind-blowing "

"The Sermon on the Mount of the 21st Century"

"How refreshing to find a book that is different from the mainstream"

"An unusual book of alien beauty"

"If you loved Chariots of the Gods, you'll love this "

"Revolutionary, evolutionary... what more can I say?"

About the author:

Noah Agrotes lives in Limassol, Cyprus, but he considers himself an absolute foreigner. A stranger here, a stranger everywhere. The Temple is his debut book, and it was not possible for such a book to appear at any other time in the 4.5 billion years of life on planet Earth. While writing The Temple, Noah's path to the metaphorical Ithaca was one of spiritual well-being, creative peace, and enjoyment. His quest will continue in future books.

Product Details
ISBN: 9789925776405
ISBN-10: 9925776406
Publisher: Library of Cyprus
Publication Date: January 20th, 2021
Pages: 198
Language: English


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