Stoicism: The Manual of Ancient Stoic Philosophy as a Way of Modern Life - A Beginner's Guide to Develop Mindset Through Critica (Paperback)

Stoicism: The Manual of Ancient Stoic Philosophy as a Way of Modern Life - A Beginner's Guide to Develop Mindset Through Critica By David Drive Cover Image
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Have you ever thought you could reach the deep joy? Do you want the gift of serenity and contentment?

This is what STOICISM offers to you, with its simple and practical message of self-discipline and mindfulness.

If you want to be inspired by the Stoic way of life, as well as some of history's greatest leaders, thinkers and innovators then keep reading...

Since its birth 2.300 years ago in ancient Athens, Stoicism has helped countless people live better lives. This philosophy offers the achievement of happiness, with the strength to endure hardship.

One of the most famous Stoic philosophers was born into slavery but was able to endure and overcome adversity with the help of Stoicism. The ideas of the former slave Epictetus are just as effective today as they were in his lifetime, teaching everyone, from soldiers to athletes, how to turn adversity into triumph. In the Stoic philosophy, whatever stands in your way becomes an opportunity.

Almost forgotten for centuries, Stoicism has come back to life in recent years as a practical philosophy for everyone from Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs and NFL players to leaders in business, politics, and the military. Just like the great Stoics of ancient times, today's leaders turn to Stoicism to learn how to rise above obstacles and develop a mindset of unshakeable strength and determination.

This book will teach you the Stoic secret to happiness and true success. In this book, you will learn:

  • Why stress and anxiety are caused by false judgments about what's important
  • Why focusing on the things under your control can give you genuine freedom
  • A simple strategy to develop a deep serenity that no one and nothing can take away from you
  • How to stop suffering from anxiety about your career, relationships, and health
  • Simple tips to lead others effectively
  • The four emotional habits that cause unhappiness and how to recognize them
  • The three emotional habits that bring lasting joy and how to cultivate them
  • How to live with self-discipline and personal dignity
  • How to get over feelings of regret, disappointment, and jealousy
  • The best strategy to remain untroubled, even in the most challenging situations
  • Some practices to feel happy, energized, and content with your life every single day
  • A lot of inspirational quotes from the great Stoic philosophers

Even if you've never heard of Stoicism and you've never tried to approach an ancient philosophy, this guide is may be for you the best choice because it is filled with practical examples and simple tips.

Are you finally interested to take control of your own emotions, and learn the secret behind the success of history's most respected leaders?

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781914185038
ISBN-10: 191418503X
Publisher: Wiomy Ltd
Publication Date: November 9th, 2020
Pages: 186
Language: English


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