Vegan Keto: Vegan Meal Plan & Meal Prep Guide with Cookbook and Recipes for Beginners. Vegetarian diet Lifestyle and Plant Based D (Paperback)

Vegan Keto: Vegan Meal Plan & Meal Prep Guide with Cookbook and Recipes for Beginners. Vegetarian diet Lifestyle and Plant Based D Cover Image
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The Vegan Lifestyle and the Ketogenic Diet Benefits

Vegan and Keto Diet togheter are possible?

Does veganism contradict the Keto diet?

How do I plan a Vegan & Keto Meal?

What foods can I eat?

If you have ever wondered about the vegan keto diet, what it is, and what it could do for you, this book is for you

Fad diets have come and gone for years, people always searching for the next quick fix to their weight loss goals or healthy lifestyle, but both vegan and ketogenic diets have health benefits that are backed by science, which we will discuss in depth.

Maintaining a healthy diet can be overwhelming and confusing; this book aims to alleviate some of the stress of such a major life change.

We will dive into the ins and outs of both the vegan and keto diets, separately first so we can determine what exactly the differences are.

Then we will discuss what the vegan diet can lack, along with the dos and don'ts of the diet. We will explore the science behind ketosis and fasting, along with what it means and what does to and for your body.

We can then move on to useful kitchen equipment and a seven-day meal plan that walks you through breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks

We will even talk about how you will likely feel during your first week of vegan keto and what to expect.

If you have ever wondered how you could improve your overall health, whether it is due to diagnosed health conditions (heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, Parkinson's, etc.), trouble with your digestive system, or you are just trying to lose weight in a healthy way, vegan diets, ketogenic diets, or vegan keto could be the diet for you

This book will walk you through the different benefits each of these diets has for specific health conditions, but also overall health, whether it be cardiovascular, digestive system related, etc.

Each of these diets has their own benefits and downfalls, which we will also discuss in detail.

Inside you will find:

  • Different types of vegan diets
  • Different types of keto diets
  • Environmental advantages to veganism, like cleaner air and soil
  • Common nutrient deficiencies to watch out for when practicing a vegan diet
  • Gut microbes and what their changes mean
  • How to transition to a vegan, keto, or vegan keto diet
  • Tips to succeed at vegan, keto, and vegan keto diets
  • Common mistakes to avoid when practicing vegan, keto, and vegan keto diets
  • Small, one-day sample menu for vegan and keto diets
  • Seven-day meal plan/ sample menu for a vegan keto diet
  • The science behind the keto diet, i.e. what's actually happening in your body when you switch from burning sugar for energy to burning fat.
  • Dangers of ketogenic diets
  • Useful kitchen equipment, i.e. blenders, food processors, crockpots/ instant pots, and spiralizers
  • And so much more...

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781913978242
ISBN-10: 1913978249
Publisher: Yuri Tufano
Publication Date: October 29th, 2020
Pages: 204
Language: English

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