Manipulation Mastery and Dark Psychology Secrets - 2 in 1: Control People's Behavior and Decisions with Covert Mind Persuasion. Change Your Relationsh (Paperback)

Manipulation Mastery and Dark Psychology Secrets - 2 in 1: Control People's Behavior and Decisions with Covert Mind Persuasion. Change Your Relationsh Cover Image
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Feel you're constantly being manipulated by toxic people? Or worse, feel your life moving away from your vision as the years go by? If so, here is what you really need

Not the classic small manuscript useful only for informative reading but a real manual. Author Richard Kardec has come out with this versatile new book, Manipulation Mastery & Dark Psychology Secrets, quenching the thirst for power through means of manipulation and dark psychology.

Richard Kardec went through a rough patch in his life, an amalgam of troubles and quandaries ranging from work to relationships. He decided to take the reins of his fleeting life and used the art of manipulation and the secrets of dark psychology to insure his newfound success.

The OECD Better Life Index shows that the average life satisfaction of today's people is around 6.5 on a scale from 0 to 10, it is therefore clear how people lead their lives with general dissatisfaction, mainly due to not having a real control over their actions and relationships and to receiving emotional abuse in different areas of life, among which work and relationships are the main ones. Generally, this situation lasts all life long until people die, but by choosing to become aware of how our mind works and how to use the means and techniques of dark psychology you can immediately reverse the course of your life towards a personal and professional fulfillment.

Kardec's book "Manipulation Mastery & Dark Psychology Secrets" covers exactly this, the inner-mechanisms of the mind and emotions, and how to choreograph those around you to thrust yourself onto an echelon higher than any you have ever known.

What you will learn with this book:

  • Dark Psychology principles
  • Effective Usages of Dark Psychology
  • Delving Into the Dark Triad Personalities
  • Perceiving when you're Being Manipulated
  • Learning How to Be Not Vulnerable to Manipulation
  • Hypnosis and Dark NLP
  • Dark NLP Secrets
  • Brainwash and Mind Control
  • Understanding of Covert Emotional Manipulation
  • Manipulating through Emotions
  • Getting the most effective Manipulation Techniques
  • Analysing People
  • Body Language Principles
  • Enneagram of Personality
  • Honing your People Reading Skills
  • Spotting Every Lie through Contextual Incongruity
  • Learning to put the seeds of Submission into people's mind
  • How Emotions work in People
  • Using Covert Emotional Manipulation
  • Enhancing your Empathy by Self-Love
  • Several winning strategies to Dealing Everyone
  • The Dark Secrets of people Handle
  • Generating and Increasing people's liking
  • The Power to Seduce People
  • Secret Methods to Charm and Hypnotize Anyone
  • Achieving your Leadership

And much more...

Forget the oppression, the feeling of defeat and the fear of failure once and forever. Get rid of nerve-wracking opponents by increasing your emotional intelligence and build extraordinary relationships. Win every verbal battle and establish your leadership in every area of your life.

Buy now the book and become the great person you've always wanted to be

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801093873
ISBN-10: 1801093873
Publisher: Richard Kardec
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2020
Pages: 562
Language: English

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