Jerome Clark
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I've always been interested in strange stuff -- UFOs, ghosts, monsters, frogs falling from the sky -- you know... paranormal stuff. Stuff that makes your science teacher either laugh or frown. Popular interest in these various odd topics tends to ebb and flow, and most books about them either try to tell you too much about one weird topic, or too little about all of them; so when I run across a book that covers a small set of oddities intelligently and presents it well, I take notice. Unexplained! by Jerome Clark is just such a book.

Clark hits a large variety of odd topics that's sure to have something for everyone -- everything from fairies to UFOs, bigfoot to crop circles, spontaneous human combustion to pterodactyl sightings, as well as a few strange things that even I hadn't heard of before! Each topic is treated separately and throughly, but not in a long or boring fashion, with plenty of pictures and all the author's sources (so you know where the stories came from).

It's a great book to just pick up and open to a random page; or to use as the starting point for finding out more about some seriously strange phenomena (if real). And you don't have to believe what's in the book to enjoy it; heck, a good story is a good story, whether or not its true... and this book is full of good stories!
ISBN-13: 9781578593446
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Published: Visible Ink Press, 8/2012

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