Copperfield's Underground - Used & Rare Books

Tucked downstairs below Copperfield's Books Petaluma, Copperfield's Underground is a haven for treasure seekers looking for used and rare books. Book lovers will find thousands of used books at affordable prices and rare editions that they can't live without, all packed into an intimate cellar space a la the Paris Metro and the London Tube stations. Our buyers are committed to stocking the shelves with a full range of subjects, from art, history, science, and spirituality to all genres of fiction and poetry in the best possible condition, and offer more than 20,000 titles to select from. Watch for our events in the calendar.

Address: 140 Kentucky Street, Petaluma
Phone Number: 707 782-0228
Email: Click Here!

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Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM thru 9:00 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM thru 6:00 PM
Book Buying Hours: Wednesday thru Friday 12:00 PM thru 4:00 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM thru 4:00 PM


If you have more than two boxes, please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

  Five Easy Steps to Selling Us Your Books!

  1. Sort for Quality. The job starts at home. PLEASE sort through your books ahead of time. Condition is extremely important - we need your quality books free from dust, pet hair, mold, insects, etc. Bindings must be intact and there can be no writing or highlighting in books.

  2. Sort by Type. We're interested in purchasing anything we think we can sell. Please sort out the following types of books, as we don't usually buy these:

    • Out-of-date textbooks
    • Library books
    • Book Club editions
    • Reader's Digest Condensed, National Geographic, and Time-Life books
    • Most Hardcover fiction
    • Harlequin Romance novels
    • Advance Reader's Copies (ARCs)
    • Books with underlining, highlighting, or margin notes
    • Magazines
    We may not buy all the books you bring in so be prepared to take those we can't use back with you.
  3. Come In Or Make An Appointment. We have one buying location, Petaluma Used (707-782-0228). Please call ahead of time if you have more than two boxes to sell. Directions and buying hours are listed here: PETALUMA

  4. How We Pay. We base what we pay on the current market value of the books in question. Very generally, that means 15% of the cover price in cash OR 25% of the cover price in trade credit. However “pocket” size paperbacks, children's books, DVDs, and books on CD are eligible for trade credit only. (We don't buy books on cassette.)

  5. What's Trade Credit? Trade Credit is good for purchasing Used or Sale (Remainder) books. Trade Credit may not be used for purchasing new books.

Thanks for selling us your Used & Rare Books!

*We reserve the right to close the buying counter at any time.

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